Our financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  We agree an annual budget in November each year and also decide on how much the annual Precept should be set at.  Our accounts are subject to an annual internal control check by a local auditor.  The accounts are adopted by the Parish Council in May and the annual return documents and the accounts are displayed on the website and can be inspected by the public.  The inspection dates are listed on the document which can be viewed on the website, on the Documents page under Finances and on the village notice board.


Minutes of full Parish Council meetings are available to read between one to weeks after a council meeting, and are published here (see below). They are published in draft form and approved at the next council meeting. Agendas are published a week  before a Tuesday meeting. A copy is also displayed on the noticeboard on The Street.


Venue: The Parish Council meets at The Village Hall at 7.30 pm usually on a Tuesday every 3 months.  


Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings but whilst members of the public cannot participate a short period of time is given for members of the public to air their views on matters directly related to the Parish Council.


Council meeting dates, agendas and minutes
2019 Meetings
5th February - Agenda
5th February - Minutes
14th May - Annual Parish Council Agenda
14th May - Annual Parish Council Minutes
14th May - Annual Parish Agenda
14th May -Annual Parish Draft Minutes
2nd July - Planning Meeting Agenda
2nd July - Planning Meeting Minutes
3rd September - Agenda
3rd September - Minutes
26th November - Agenda
26th November - Draft Minutes

2018 Meetings

16th January - Parish Council Planning Application Meeting Minutes 

6th February - Minutes

15th May - Annual Parish Council minutes

15th May - Annual Parish Agenda

15th May - Annual Parish  Minutes

24th July - Minutes

18 September - Minutes

8 November - Minutes

2017 Meetings


24th January - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

9th May - Annual Parish Meeting Minutes | Parish Council Meeting Minutes

25th July - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

24th October - Agenda| 24th October Community Presentation 

24th October - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

2016 Meetings


9th February - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

24th May - Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes

21st June - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

26th July - Parish Council Meeting Minutes

18th October - Parish Council Meeting Minutes


*Annual Parish Meeting – where annual reports are heard and speakers are invited, generally a less formal meeting. Annual Meeting of the Parish Council – when the Council elects a chairman for the coming year (must be held in May)

Griselda Hubbard - Parish Clerk

01362 693427

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