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The Parish Council maintains a set of policy, procedure and reporting documents to help it carry out its duties effectively, efficiently and to comply with regulations. These are all available here in PDF format unless otherwise noted:

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures​

Data Protection

Keeping the Public's data safe and increasing transparency are important to the Parish Council.  The Privacy Notice explains how the Parish Council uses the Public's Personal Information and how the Public can exercise its Privacy Rights.

Billingford P C Control Systems

Billingford P C Data Protection Policy

Billingford P C Gen. Data Protection Reg. Document

Billingford P C Data Protection Privacy Notice

Billingford P C Standing Orders

Billingford P C Freedom of Information Doc.

Billingford P C Equal Opportunities Policy 

Billingford P C Code of Conduct


Confirmation of the Dates of Period for the Exercise 0f Public Rights 31.3.2024

Internal Auditor's Report 31.3.2024

End of Year accounts 321.3.2024

Summary of Receipts & Payments 31.3.2024

Financial Statement for 31.3.2024

Certificate of Exemption for 31.3.2024

AGAR for 31.3.2024

AGAR variances for 31.3.2024

P C Financial Controls

Budget for precept setting 2024-2025

Asset Register

Confirmation of the Dates of Period for the Exercise of Public Rights 31.3.2023

Internal Auditor's Report 31.03.2023

End of Year accounts 31.03.2023

Summary of Receipts & Payments 31.03.2023

Financial Statement for 31.03.2023

Certificate of Exemption 31.03.2023

AGAR for 31.03.2023

AGAR Variances for 31.03.2023

Confirmation of the Dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Internal Auditor's Report 31.03.2022

End of year accounts 31.03.2022

Summary of receipt and payments 31.03.2022

Financial Statement    for 31.03.2022

Certificate of Exemption for 31.03.2022

AGAR for 31.03.2022

AGAR Variances for 31.03.2022

Confirmation of the Dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Internal Auditor's Report 31.3.2021

End of yr a.cs 31.3.2021

Summary of recs. & Payments 31.3.2021

Financial statement 31.3.2021


AGAR Variances

Certificate of Exemption

Budget 2020-2021

Internal Auditor' Report 31.3.2020

Certificate of Exemption 31.3.2020

Accounts 2019 - 2020

Summary of receipts & payments 31.3.2020

Financial statement 31.3.2020

Explanation of variances 31.3.2020

Billingford P C AGAR 31.3.2020

Billingford P C budget 2019-2020

Billingford confirmation of the dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Billingford P C Certificate of Exemption

for 2018 -2019

Billingford P C accounts 2018 - 2019

Billingford P C a/s summary 2018-2019

Billingford P C explanation of variances

Billingford P C Auditor's report 31.03.19

Billingford P C AGAR 

Billingford P C accounts 2017 - 2018

Billingford P C a/cs summary 2017-2018

Billingford P C Internal Auditor's report

Billingford P C bank reconciliation

Billingford P C AGAR

Billingford P C Annual Return yr ending 31.3.17

Billingford P C accounts 2016-17 

Billingford P C accounts 2016-17 Summary

Billingford Financial Statement yr ending 31.3.17

Other Documents

The Election Results of 4th May 2023

The Election Results of 22nd June 2023

Co-option Eligibility Form.

Co-opted Councillor Person Specification

The Flourish Federation, which is All Saints CEVA Primary School in Stibbard and North Elmham CEVA Primary School have 3 non-staff Governor vacancies.  If anyone is interested in filling one of these vacancies, more information can be read on this document.

Information letter from the R.A.F. regarding the Benevolent Fund in Norfolk, which exists to help War Veterans with an R.A.F. connection.


Dates for 2023 when the SAM2 Speed Sign is sited in the Village can be viewed on the document attached here. And contact details can be viewed here.

Comments from the Parish Council on Planning Application 3PL/2019/0471/O

Plea to the residents for SAM2 sign and Community Speedwatch help

Co-option Eligibility Form.

Information on new website address


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