The Parish Council maintains a set of policy, procedure and reporting documents to help it carry out its duties effectively and to comply with regulations. These are all available here in PDF format unless otherwise noted:

Policies and Procedures

Billingford P C Control Systems

Billingford P C Data Protection Policy

Billingford P C Equal Opportunities Policy

Billingford P C Standing Orders

Billingford PC Gen. Data Prot. Reg.  Document

Billingford P C Freedom of Information Doc.

Billingford P C Data Protection Privacy Notice

Billingford P C Terms of Ref. for Data Protection

Other Documents
Report from Dist. Cllr Gordon Bambridge for the Parish Council meeting on 27th November. 
Information letter from the R.A.F. regarding the Benevolent Fund in Norfolk, which exists to help War Veterans with an R.A.F. connection.
Dates for 2020 when the SAM2 Speed Sign is sited in the Village.
Comments from the Parish Council on Planning Application 3PL/2019/0471/O
Plea to the residents for SAM2 sign and Community Speedwatch help
Notice of 2nd May uncontested election results
Information on new website address
Poster regarding the Parish Councillor vacancy


Griselda Hubbard - Parish Clerk

01362 693427

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