The residents  of Billingford are fortunate to have a Village Hall in the Village.  For information and to book the Village Hall, lease contact:=

Mr Kelvin Golding

Telephone No. 01362 668347


Auctions at the Village Hall 

Billingford Saturday Auctions have unfortunately now had to cease, due to Covid rules, and will recommence when it is possible to do so.  Information regarding the new starting date for the Auction will be posted here.

Quizes at the Village Hall

The next Quiz Night will be taking place on Saturday December 4th 2021 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.  More information can be read on the Billingford Quiz section of the Website.

Historical Photos and News

The Parish Council was recently lucky enough to be sent some photos from the daughter of past inhabitants of Idle Cottage down Bintree Road.  The photos are of Idle Cottage and Hare Cottage and Mr Tom Dack.  She believes the two cottages were formerly part of the Holkham Estate.

The photo here is of Mr Dack of 1 Bintree Road.  Years ago it was 2 dwellings and his daughter, Mrs Harison, lived on the other side of the building with her husband and son.  Here is Mrs Harrison as a child, with her mother standing outside Hare Cottage in 1930.

Mr Dack, although in his 80s, cleared the nettles and attended the vegetable patch at Idle Cottage.  His own garden was full of lupins and other plants, and the picture shows him emerging from his greenhouse.

Billingford Village Sign