Dear Billingford Residents.  The Government has made recommendations on social distancing, resulting from the Coronavirus situation.  If any resident of the older age group believes they will experience serious difficulties concerning food and prescriptions as a result or knows of anyone else who could have  similar problems and needs advise, please contact:-

Mike Davies  01362 668784

Philippa Challen 01362 667101

Arthur Lake 01362 668853

Mary Reeve 01362 668367

Roger Thorneley 01362 668804

Val Wilson 01362 668414

Griselda Hubbard 01362 693427


Toni Noyes 01362 667819

Local fresh food supplies, no long queuing required.

Eggs unlimited. The Egg shop on main road west end of Billingford.

Fresh fruit and vegetables and groceries: info@algys.co.uk

Butcher and delicatessen deliveries: david@the-butchers-shop.co.uk

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Tuesday September 22nd at 6.15 pm on the Playing Field beside the village hall.  Agenda is on the Meetings Page. All members of the PUBLIC are welcome to get involved.

Attached is the latest update from Norfolk County Council on measures being taken to combat Covid 19 and an update on plans to slowly return to "normal".

The SAM2 speeding sign will next be sited in the village from 16th August 2020.  Further dates can be viewed on a document under the Documents section.

Fly tipping is a Problem in rural villages and attached is a useful document regarding this Problem.

Griselda Hubbard - Parish Clerk

01362 693427