Dear Billingford Residents.  The Government has made recommendations on social distancing, resulting from the Coronavirus situation.  If any resident of the older age group believes they will experience serious difficulties concerning food and prescriptions as a result or knows of anyone else who could have  similar problems and needs advise, please contact:-

Mike Davies  01362 668784

Philippa Challen 01362 667101

Arthur Lake 01362 668853

Mary Reeve 01362 668367

Roger Thorneley 01362 668804

Val Wilson 01362 668414

Griselda Hubbard 01362 693427


Toni Noyes 01362 667819

Local fresh food supplies, no long queuing required.

Eggs unlimited. The Egg shop on main road west end of Billingford.

Fresh fruit and vegetables and groceries: info@algys.co.uk

Butcher and delicatessen deliveries: david@the-butchers-shop.co.uk


The Charity exists for the residents of Billingford who find themselves in need of financial assistance.  Please contact any of the local Trustees listed below for further information.

Richard Oake, Brackenfield, The Street

Colin Mackay, The Old Rectory, The Street

Ian Warren, Threshers, The Street

Mary Crofts, East End House, The Street

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Tuesday February 2022  15th at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.   All members of the PUBLIC are welcome to get involved. 


Police Drop In Street Surgeries.  The Local Beat Managers, P C Benton and P C Anderson will be hosting drop in street surgeries at the Village Hall in Lyng on 15th December between 10 a.m. to 12 noon and the Village Hall, Bawdeswell on 11th January 2022 between 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

Bintree Road will be closed from December 13th to December 15th.  Information regarding this closure can be viewed  here  and  here.

Information here on the Update from Elmham Group of Practices

Information here on Developing Skills in Health and Social Care

Information here on Wellbeing Sessions for Men.

Information here on Wellbeing Running Courses starting next May.

Information here on Free Training on 16th November for anyone wishing to become a Wellbeing Champion.

Information here on Wellbeing Social Events in November.

Information here on Wellbeing Walks in November.

Information from NALC regarding Food Waste can be viewed here.

Info on Free Dementia Support sessions can be viewed here.

Info on a Public Forum 'A Bold Vision of Hope for a Sustainable Future' can be viewed here.

Happy Healthy Holidays newsletter here.

National Resilience Strategy info here.

Rural Crime Partner Pack here.

Delivery Rural Investment for Vital Employment funding info here.

Attached here is information from The Police regarding Courier Scams.

Attached here and here is some information from Norfolk County Council regarding Fostering A Child.

Attached here is a Tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Attached here is some information regarding reducing waste and recycling.

Attached here is a letter from the NHS CCG (Clinical commission group) for the latest information about the Vaccination Programme for people in the 50+ age group

Attached here is some information from Healthwatch Norfolk to help people copying with Cancer.

Attached here is some information regarding Free Support for Wellbeing from the NHS and attached here information on events in October.

Attached here is some information regarding Walks around Norfolk.

Attached here is some information regarding Billingford country walks

Attached here is information from NHS.


Attached is a Poster regarding how to contact the Police.

Attached here is information from the Police regarding SNAP meetings.

The Police wish to warn the Public against potential SCAMS.  View information from the Police here.  View a poster regarding Courier Scams here.

Breckland have produced some information regarding a Grant for Businesses affected by Covid and this information can be viewed here.

Norfolk County Council have produced a Document for Community and Volunteer support to help with self isolation.  The document can be viewed here.

The Flourish Federation, which is All Saints CEVA Primary School in Stibbard and North Elmham CEVA Primary have 3 non-staff Governor vacancies and wish residents to give this fact some consideration.  A document outlining more detail can be viewed on the Documents Page.

Attached here is the latest update from Norfolk County Council regarding Covid 19.

Breckland have produced a newsletter regarding Covid 19 and it can be viewed here.

The SAM2 speeding sign will next be sited in the village early 2022.  When available the dates for 2022 can be viewed on a document under the Documents section.  The SAM2  Speedwatch data for 12th - 29th October can be viewed here.  The equipment was sited to the west of the village monitoring eastbound traffic.  Every day a vehicle was caught doing at least 60 m.p.h., some days 65 m.p.h., other days 70 m.p.h. and on 28th October a vehicle was caught doing 80 m.p.h.

Fly tipping is a Problem in rural villages and attached is a useful document regarding this Problem on the Documents Page.